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I would like to personally thank Peter Lamb, my mentor and wonderful friend-- without whose extreme patience and skill in imparting his wisdom upon me, I never would have discovered the joy of Woodturning. My sincere thanks, also , to Jolyn Bowler, whose assistance was so invaluable in the creation of this website. Finally, to the moderators and participants of the www.TalkGraphics.com forum, who have displayed uncommon patience in answering the myriad of questions posed by me on this site

Welcome to my website! I’m Dave Kartzman and I’m a

woodturner from Bluffton, SC. Please browse my site to see

some of my recent works. I’ve been woodturning for a

hobby for several years now and really enjoy it.  Here are a

few examples of my work.

My wife Sandy and I are now newcomers to the local farmer’s markets and are slowly getting involved in some of the local, juried craft shows….So please come visit our booth if you are in the area.  Stay tuned, because we also hope to add e- commerce to the site as we grow (and I learn what I’m doing with this site).  Thanks for visiting, Dave
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