My introduction to wood began as I was growing up in Albany, NY. My father was a woodworker and made furniture and other woodcrafts for us and friends. I used to enjoy going down into the basement when he was sawing the wood because of the wonderful scent in the air. However, I was not very interested in following in his woodworking footsteps. I have been in the IT industry for 40 years as a programmer, systems programmer and consultant. I discovered the love of woodturning quite by accident. My wife and I attended the Bluffton Arts Festival several years ago, and while we were walking around, we stopped by a famous, local potter’s shop. Under the shop’s awning, stood a tall gentleman with long white hair, turning acorn cups, and tops. I stood there, watching him as he spoke to the onlookers, explaining what he was doing. I was fascinated by the ease which he created such pretty wood forms. I came back the following day to speak to him as well about woodturning. One thing led to another, and that long- haired gentleman standing under the potter’s awning, Peter Lamb, became my instructor, mentor, and wonderful friend. Peter has been turning for more than 35 years, and knew many of the woodturning greats during the American renaissance of woodturning. It has been a wonderful journey learning the proper techniques of turning, as well as discovering the craftsman within me. The learning never stops.
 Dave Kartzman 2012

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