Since I have been woodturning, I find myself spending more time looking at the wood blanks, trying to determine the shape I want it to be formed into. What fascinates me the most is the grain of the blanks and how I can turn the form to accentuate the beauty of the grain within it. Sometimes, it is obvious, looking at the wood how to turn it. Other times, I find that grain formations change within the blank as I turn it. I really enjoy the surprise element in those cases. A while ago, I turned an Ambrosia maple bowl for my daughter and her family for Christmas. Looking at the outside of the blank, there were a few stripings, and I knew it would look very nice. However, as I turned the outside of the bowl, the stripings changed dramatically as did the figuring. Now, in front of me was a bowl with many stripings, bird’s eye, and mineral staining! This could not be seen or imagined while examining the blank. These are the surprises that make woodturning a joy for me. I love watching the form I am creating as it evolves from a blank to the finished product. Often, I will start out with a concept of what I want the bowl, or stopper or ikebana to look like. Then, during the turning process, I might change my mind after looking at how it is being formed. Perhaps, it is figuring that I don’t want to turn out, or some other part of the wood that I would like to accentuate. It is these revelations, during turning, that bring me enjoyment. Every piece of wood is different. That’s where the adventure starts!
 Dave Kartzman 2012

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